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About Trippus

Everything in one place

Trippus aims to be at the forefront when it comes to handling events, conventions, conferences, group travel, training courses and fairs – online! In addition to registration, you can here allow your participants to book accommodation, transportation and all sorts of activities – everything on one confirmation and one payment.

Easy for the arranger

We want to make it easy for the arrangers. With your own licence in the system you can upload event websites and what you want to be bookable yourself. We help you with templates for content and layout. You always have full control of reports and settings in an admin tool with two levels. The graphical profile is getting more and more important – we make sure that you can profile your events with everything from a great looking website to neat registration windows, designed name tags and attractive surveys.

The goal is to make event management easier and more fun for arrangers as well as for project managers and participants.

It is also possible to integrate Trippus with already existing IT systems, e.g. finance systems – everything to automate the routine work.

The history of Trippus


Trippus was founded in May of 2000. The original idea was that the company would work as a group travel broker. By comparing different suppliers according to a specification given by the customer considerable savings would be achieved without compromising quality requirements.

Shortly after this concept was launched, the developing of a web-based software indented as a service for Trippus’ own customers to facilitate their administrational work in connection with the trip was started. This product is today sold under the name Trippus Plus.


Gradually it has become more and more obvious that Trippus’ strength has come to be the proprietary software. The company therefor  has issued a number of new shares in recent years to be able to further concentrate on proprietary, unique software for the travel and meetings industry. Accordingly, during the year 2003, Trippus Eventus was launched as a product that support more complex conventions, events and meetings. This product has proved to meet a great need in the market and the response has been very positive. In the same year also the Trippus Bonus was launched, a web-based support for e.g. sales contests.


As a result of the appreciation Trippus’ software has come to receive, the company’s board decided in the fall of 2004 to focus the business on out-licensing Trippus Eventus and Trippus Bonus to other market players. The board also decided that the business would focus on looking for licensees outside of Sweden. The initial response to this strategy has been very positive. Already in the beginning of 2005 several important license agreements had been signed and Trippus has a successful licensee in Denmark. In December of 2004 Trippus was elected the 4th prizewinner in the category “The year’s success story” arranged by Deloitte.


The drive to out-license software proved to be a success. The number of licensees soared and Trippus soon  had a number of strong reference customers within their priority groups.  The board decided on a cultivation towards the new concept and all resources that had been tied to the company’s original concept were phased out. With that Trippus has gone from being a travel intermediary to becoming a cultivated IT supplier for the meeting industry. As a result of this, in October of 2006, the board decided to change the company name from Trippus Marknadsplatsen AB to Trippus Event Solutions AB.


In 2007 a significant decision was taken – that Trippus was to  be at the forefront of technological development for the meetings industry. This year the development of a new, modern and flexible platform was started, it was later called Trippus Flex. The platform was entirely based on the .NET technology and was put into operation for the first time in March of 2008.

During this period the license concept was developed even more, and a training programme was launched. Now existed training in basic functionality, layout, payment solutions and a lot more. There was also the possibility to add tickets, badges and name tags in the confirmation. This new dynamic packaging had a big impact.

During the latest period there was also a distinct trend when it came to integrations to already existing IT systems, which made Trippus a natural part of many customers’ daily business. On November 25th of 2010 Trippus celebrated its tenth anniversary.