MICE Party 2017 in Brussels

On the 16th of February MICE Party 2017 was held in Brussels. 800 people from the Meetings Industry gathered to enjoy good food, nice drinks, interactive games and exciting entertainment. People were networking and certainly having a good time.

Trippus delivered an online registration solution which was totally integrated in the official event website www.mice-party.com. The event also used Trippus’ mobile tickets, mobile website and print on demand for name badges.

See pictures from the party here.

Print on demand

Print on demand

Production and distribution of name badges is a very time consuming task for event organisers. By using print on demand on site this becomes a lot easier at the same time as it gives the event a more professional profile.

At many events the badge has several important functions. One of the most important ones is to empower networking among the participants, and by showing participants’ names and which companies or organisations they represent it gets easier to get in contact with new people. At the same time the badge makes it easier to control who is on site by adding a barcode or a QR code and scanning participants at the entrance.

So, what does print on demand mean? Instead of pre-printing all badges and distributing them on site or sending them by mail risking that participants forget them at home, badges are printed on site at the same time as each participant arrives.

Print on demand ONS
Print on demand service delivered by Trippus at ONS 2016.

This service works best together with mobile tickets. Before the event starts a text message is sent to all participants’ mobile phones. In the message there is a link to each participant’s ticket, and when the participant arrives at the venue and scans the ticket, a badge is automatically printed. The service can also be combined with paper tickets and on-site registration.

The advantages with print on demand are that the organiser doesn’t have to produce badges in advance. Instead just the badges that are needed are printed at the very time that they’re needed. As an organiser you can also forget about time consuming and boring tasks like folding, cutting and sorting in alphabetical order. Besides being very handy for the organiser the service also gives participants a better experience since they won’t have to browse through hundreds of badges laid out on a table.

Hit us up at sales@trippus.se to find out more!

Swedish Fashion Talents

Swedish Fashion Talents 2016

Swedish Fashion Talents is a project that the Swedish Fashion Council has been managing since this project 2005 when it started. The aim we’re striving towards is to support new fashion brands with their growth to become recognized within the fashion market. The talent program is being implemented in every way, within different projects, networks and activities such as fashion shows and exhibitions.

Trippus helped Swedish Fashion Council with registration and participant communication combined distrubution of a digital mobile entry ticket. The participants received event agenda, practical information and location directly in their phone using Trippus mobile web.

Erica Blomberg, Project leader at Swedish Fashion Council says:
“Trippus helped us to get a clear and simple overview of all participants. Through the system we sent an email-invitation so people could RSVP and fill in their details. The participants list was later on used for handling the seating. At the venue we used the scanning app to verify all the participants, making the entry very smooth. Last but no least I’m very happy with the help I received from the amazing support team at Trippus.”

Read more about Swedish Fashion Talents here.

ONS 2016

ONS – the world’s largest energy trade show

In the end of August 2016 one of the largest trade shows in the oil and energy sector was organised at Stavanger Forum, Norway. This year ONS attracted more than 65,000 visitors and 1,200 exhibitors. Trippus delivered a solution for registration and booking of accommodation and seminars including payment by credit card and invoicing.

On site the trade show used the Print on Demand function for badges. Upon arrival to the venue the participants scanned their mobile tickets and got their badges printed in real-time. ONS also used the Trippus lead receiver app to give exhibitors the opportunity to follow up with their stand visitors in a simple and professional way.

Elizabeth Skjæveland, IT-manager at Stavanger Forum says:

“Stavanger Forum initiated a co-operation with Trippus in the autumn of 2015 to deliver a complete registration solution for ONS 2016. During four days 29 August – 1 September a total of 65,718 people visited ONS 2016 where we had 1,241 companies from 40 countries exhibiting.

For the first time Stavanger Forum chose to give participants the opportunity to buy tickets directly in self-registration kiosks. This turned out as a success: participants were satisfied with a simple yet secure registration process. Despite a large number of visitors there weren’t any longer queues in the registration area – totally three main entrances with 81 registration kiosks.

Stavanger Forum are happy with Trippus’ delivery.”, Elizabeth concludes.

Social Media

5 Social Media Tips to Promote your Next Event

When using it correctly, Social Media can be a very powerful and cost-efficient way to promote your event. Use these 10 social media tips to promote your next event.

1. Create a Hashtag
A unique hashtag for your event can enhance social buzz and increase participation. Make sure to keep the hastag short, relevant and unique.

2. Use It!
Promote your hashtag in your event website, dedicated emails and social networks. The hashtag is a great way for your attendees to engage with the event content, speakers and each other. Watch what is trending around your event and get relevant feedback.

3. Make the Attendees Your Biggest Promoters
Encourage attendees to leverage their social networks to help spread the word. Share their updates, start a dialog and engage them in conversation. They already have loyal fans and are admired in their industry.

4. Create Challenges
Engage your guests before the event. Contests, interesting facts and other shareable content are great, indirect ways to promote your event. Get creative by offering discounts or broadcast cureated streams using your twitter hashtag.

5. Use Your Networks
Create a LinkedIn Group and a Facebook Page for your event. Post topics including activities, photos, spcial guesters, speakers etc. Organically growing an attendee community on these networks means higher sharability for you event.

Engage Your Audience

3 Easy Tricks To Engage Your Audience During A Presentation

We’ve all sat through our share of boring presentations. It’s mind-numbing to be forced to listen to dry content that’s delivered (or worse, read) at us, rather than discussed with us. Often, all this talking is in vain anyway. Studies show 91% of listeners at business presentations admitted to daydreaming, and an impressive 39% to downright falling asleep at some point.

Having audience interaction makes our presentation more interesting. Make sure to involve your audience early and often. People will pay attention if they know that at some point, they’ll have to participate.

Here are 3 easy tricks to engage your audience:

1. Ask for interaction
Maybe it sounds obvious, but starting your presentation by telling the audience you want their opinion and questions is a way of telling them you expect interaction.

2. Ask a great question at the beginning to get peoples attention
When it comes to presentations, most of us are used to being talked to, rather than being asked to share our own thoughts. Opening with a question turns this idea on its head. You can ask the audience what they’d like to get out of the session or why they came. You can poll the group for their opinion about a topic.

3. Use technical advantages
Let’s face the facts, it doesn’t matter how hard you try, people will still peek at their phones, tweeting and answering emails. Instead of seeing this as something negative, use it to your advantage. Allow the audience to interact through their mobile phones. With todays technology it is easy to manage large votes as well as offer the participants to ask questions directly through their phones.

Source: forbes.com
Photo: thebighornresort.com

Trippus UCLA

Trippus in co-operation with UCLA

As one of few Swedish companies Trippus has been accepted to participate in a co-operation with the Anderson School of Management at the University of California (UCLA) in Los Angeles. MBA student teams do research on 40 international companies in a growth phase from all over the world. The Trippus MBA team consists of six very senior professionals with between 7 and 15 years of working experience from finance, management consulting, event management and business development. The group will research Trippus, our clients and our business to identify strengths and challenges and propose measures that can strengthen the company and what we offer our clients.

– This is a fantastic opportunity for us, says Trippus CEO Martin Klöfver. We now have access to six experienced professionals that will do 2000 hours of research for us. This is something you hardly dare to dream about when managing a small company. We will get a much clearer picture of the total market and our market position, how to plan our product and organisation development to be successful in the future.

Trippus UCLA

The co-operation was initiated in mid-July when Trippus visited UCLA in Los Angeles, and in August parts of the MBA team has visited Sweden to meet Trippus staff. This autumn the team will conduct 150 interviews with clients, potential clients, partners and industry experts from several countries. In addition to the mix of competencies represented in the MBA team they are also coached by advisors and professors at the UCLA with backgrounds both from research and top management positions from multinational corporations.


Meet Trippus at IMEX in Frankfurt!


Meet Trippus at IMEX 2016 at Messe Frankfurt 19-21 April! We will be there all three days, and if you’re there feel free to meet up for our presentations:

  • Tuesday 19 April 1:30pm, Sweden Stand (F200): Knowledge talks: Technology trends in meetings
  • Tuesday 19 April 4:15pm, Sweden Stand (F200): Knowledge talks: Technology trends in meetings
  • Wednesday 20 April 10:50am, Sweden Stand (F200): Knowledge talks: Technology trends in meetings
  • Wednesday 20 April 3:00pm, Meeting Design Hub (C640) : Interaction – how to design your event to engage
  • Wednesday 20 April 4:10pm, Sweden Stand (F200): Knowledge talks: Technology trends in meetings
  • Thursday 21 April 10:30am, Sweden Stand (F200): Knowledge talks: Technology trends in meetings
  • Thursday 21 April 1:00pm, Sweden Stand (F200): Knowledge talks: Technology trends in meetings

We look forward to meeting you!


Trippus listed on Technology Fast 500 EMEA!

For 2015 Trippus is listed on the Technology Fast 500 EMEA List, consultancy company Deloitte’s annual ranking of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Deloitte describes the Fast 500 list as an objective industry-ranking to focus on the technology field, recognizing technology companies that have achieved the fastest rates of revenue growth in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) during the last four years. Combining technological innovation, entrepreneurship and rapid growth, Fast 500 companies – large, small, public and private – span a variety of industry sectors, and are leaders in hardware, software, communications, media, life sciences and clean technology.

Trippus is since earlier listed on Deloitte’s Sweden Technology Fast 50, listing the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Sweden. For three consecutive years (2013-2015) Trippus has been awarded the Gazelle Award by the leading Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri.

Trippus to go global!

Trippus is well-established in Sweden, Norway and Denmark since several years. Now the company takes a big leap towards the markets outside Scandinavia through a co-operation with SoolNua, managed by meeetings industry authorities Patrick Delaney and Padraic Gilligan.

– This is a fantastic opportunity for Trippus, said Trippus CEO Martin Klöfver. We have a strong track-record in Scandinavia, and the experience and network of SoolNua will help us in a great way in our further expansion.

Please see the press release below.


soolnua logo

“SoolNua to help Trippus go global”

Trippus, the Swedish based on-line registration system for events, has established a partnership with global Meetings & Events Consultancy, SoolNua to take its suite of on-line meeting and event solutions global. Under the terms of the partnership SoolNua will help Trippus to formulate and refine its strategy for global market entry while utilising Ireland for pilot testing and market research.

“Trippus has been growing organically in the Nordic countries over the past 10 years helping conference, meeting and event organisers do their jobs better, faster and cheaper. We have now developed a full suite of on-line products for meetings and events which we licence as both partial and holistic solutions. Our business model is working and the time has now come to take Trippus beyond Scandinavia. We’re delighted to have SoolNua on board to help us with that”, said Martin Klöfver, CEO of Trippus.

“There’s an exciting and creative start-up ecosystem developing around meetings and events with new platforms and apps arriving every day. We especially like Trippus because it integrates so much functionality across a single platform yet allows clients to licence each individual module separately. Its practical use of both SMS and web-based communications ensures there are never any issues with WiFi”, Sarah Kavanagh, Manager, Sales & Marketing at SoolNua commented.

SoolNua will undertake market research and pilot testing with a range of corporations and associations in Ireland who organise small and large meetings before formulating a strategic plan to take Trippus globally.

For further details contact:
Sarah Kavanagh
Manager, Sales & Marketing


About SoolNua
Formed in 2014 by Patrick Delaney and Pádraic Gilligan, formerly of MCI Group and Ovation Global DMC, SoolNua offers expert advice and consultancy on branding, strategy and marketing for Business Tourism and MICE to destinations, venues and hotels.

About Trippus
Trippus is Scandinavia’s leading supplier of web and mobile based registration and interaction solutions for the events and meetings industry. The product enables organizers of events, conferences and trade shows to manage event logistics and participant interaction before, during and after their events.