Trippus new admin

Thursday morning, Dec. 28th, we will release the next step of Trippus new admin. The update revamps the way Trippus administrators work with activities. Our work with the new admin will of course keep on going and more updates will be released in the future.

Trippus are investing a lot of time in making the new admin more useful and effective to work with for our clients. The workflow is more natural and also more consistent with the Trippus administrator’s actual working processes. The participant categories are elevated to a more central role where they are pointed out more clearly. Additionally, important information is displayed more clearly immediately after logging in. On Thursday, this will be expanded to also include activities. Created activities can simply be connected to a category by dragging it from a list of available activities to the category.  In the same way, administrators can now sort connected activities by dragging and dropping them.

In the new admin, tabs and clickable icons will be used in a bigger extent than before. Functions and settings are collected in logical groups, which gives us more intuitive and perspicuous views. General settings are often presented together, while more advanced settings are under additional tabs, which creates a bigger clarity and makes it easier to set up new activities.

The new admin is built on modern and well-tried frameworks, making our drag-and-drop functionality effective. The new admin is also optimized for the latest versions of the most common web browsers. For older versions of web browsers, such as Internet Explorer 8, there are some limits that can affect the user’s experience of the new admin. We always recommend Trippus administrators to keep their web browsers up to date, preferably using the latest versions.

Please note, that the new admin doesn’t have any impact on the participants who registers to your events. The new admin only comprises the interface that the Trippus administrators are using. As a side note, we have kept all the existing admin functionality intact, i.e. all the functions that you are used to work with since earlier will work in the same way as they have done before, until further notice.

Anyone who wants to is warmly welcomed to an open briefing of the new admin at the office of Trippus in Uppsala. There are two occasions to participate in the open briefing. We will start at 10 a.m., both December 3rd and 4th. This is free of charge, and we will serve some Christmas-like pastry and coffee.


Trippus at OFFSHORE TECHNOLOGY DAYS in Stavanger

The organizer of the OFFSHORE TECHNOLOGY DAYS – Offshore Media Group – are using Trippus to maxamize the networking possibilities for both exhibitors and visitors.

By using Trippus tools for prebooking of Stand Meetings and for booking of Speed Networking Meetings, the visitors will get much more out of the fair. The exhibitors using the application for Stand Meetings will have the poosibility to decline proposed meetings through the “My Meetings Page“. This to extend the possibility for quality meetings.

Look into and the Toolbox for Visitors and Exhibitors for more information.



Trippus launches new international website!

Trippus is inviting visitors to explore the new multilingual website. The site includes extensive product information available in Swedish, English and Norwegian to help customers grasp the complete range of Trippus functionality. Danish and Finnish versions will be added shortly.

The new Trippus website has been designed using the latest technology and is fully compatible with today’s browsers and mobile devices which further emphasizes Trippus commitment for the mobile market. The launch of the new website, which offers quick and easy access to essential information about the opportunities using Trippus system, is part of Trippus constant efforts to improve the design and increase the market presence. The ongoing development of new Trippus admin will follow the same path with a strong focus on the user-friendly nature and efficient overview with fewer clicks.

In addition to complete product information the Trippus website offers a new and improved chat-function for quicker support contact. Trippus will also publish important news and frequent updates bringing added value to all Trippus customers. Make sure to follow the latest news published on the Trippus website, facebook, newsletter and elsewhere.

Trippus look forward seeing you on the website!