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Communicate with your participants directly on your mobile

SMS service

If in the registration process you collect the participant’s mobile number you can easily send information to the concerned category of participants via the integrated SMS service. Also tickets, maps and instructions can be sent to the participants. Faster and easier communication at a low cost!

Trippus On Site Interaction

With Trippus On Site Interaction the participants of an event can easily answer questions, participate in surveys or contribute with comments or questions by using their mobile phones. The messages enters the system immediately and can be displayed on a big screen for all of the event participants in real time.

Ask questions

Questions are sent to the participants and they answer by using their mobile phones. The answers are shown in real time on a big screen in desired graphical format.

Let participants ask questions

Participants use their mobile phones to ask questions to the speaker on stage. The questions are monitored by a moderator who chooses which questions that are to be displayed on the big screen.

Immediate feedback

A follow-up questionnaire can be sent out to participants’ mobile phones in direct connection with an activity. Questions can be multiple choice, yes/no or free text. Answers are compiled in online reports in real-time and can also be displayed on a big screen.

Mobile Web

For administrators

The Trippus Mobile Web has become very popular. Here you can put participation lists, latest news, welcome messages, movies, partner information and a lot more. You can get receive all reports in real time in your mobile phone – perfect even during ongoing events. You can also see who has passed through the entry, send messages, offers and competitions. After the event is over this is also a good way to distribute pictures from the event.

For your participants

The Event App is distributed as a regular text message and works with all smartphones. Here the participants can find their personal programme, participation lists (if desired), tickets, maps, directions and a lot more. It is also possible to send out follow-ups, questions and more to the participants’ mobile phones so they get the opportunity to answer directly. Of course you will get the same graphic profile on you mobile website as you have in all other communications.

Trippus’ exhibitor app

Building relationships is often the main goal for companies and organizations participating in fairs and events with showcases and exhibitions. It is a challenge to have control of all the visitors and especially make a useful and correct follow-up.

Trippus’ exhibitor app gives you a tool to arrange all the contacts and to make the valuable follow-up. Plus you can use these contacts to be proactive and invite them to the next fair in a good way.

Trippus’ scanning app

With Trippus’ scanning app there is no need to rent hand scanners. An iPhone or an iPad will do just fine. If the participant has forgot her/his badge or ticket it is possible to find the person with the name. You will get a very clear real time control of how many people and who has come to the event.