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Survey & questionnaire

Easier follow-up – the key to success

Have you spent a lot of work on carrying out an event or a group trip? Have you done a follow-up that a lot of people haven’t even participated in and which takes time to summarize and obtain results from? Then Trippus’ survey tool is the tool for you. If you handle the registration in Trippus’ system the follow-up can be integrated  as one of the modules. A follow-up survey is then sent out via e-mail or mobile phone to the participants. Of course you also can do other surveys with the same tool.

Relevant questions

A common problem with follow-ups via forms is that the participants often have to choose “did not participate”, since the survey is general. Here all participants automatically get questions about events they actually participated in. Plus it helps you get rid of double evaluations –  both in terms of logistics, transport, accommodation, activities etc. as well as in terms of content and internal matters.

Different types of questions
and answers

Since different events and different customers have different needs there is also an option regarding the type of question and answer. Choose between numbered options (as many as desired), yes and no answers and free text answers.

Result reporting in real time

Compile the results of surveys is what is the most time demanding part. In Trippus’ system you can follow the results from the surveys in real time – compiled entirely automatically. In the admin tool there is a report field where you can find  how everybody have answered as well as the compiled result. The reports can easily be converted to Excel and graphical compilations.