5 benefits with an event app

The demand for event apps has increased rapidly after the pandemic, which goes hand in hand with the desire to meet physically again. Event apps have grown in popularity for large events, and for first-time users it can be confusing to plan, execute and follow up on these big events. In this article, we give our view on five benefits of the Trippus event app!

Everything in one place

Participating in an event should be smooth sailing. For you as an organizer, you want to avoid the headache of working in several different systems to plan and implement your event. Trippus event app is a comprehensive solution for both organizers and participants. What we often hear from our customers is how convenient it is to have all information about events collected in the event app. Organizers, exhibitors and participants have everything in their mobile phone, which makes it easier for the event to flow. Not having to switch between different apps and providers is also something that is appreciated by those who plan and attend.

Tailor-made for your event

Seize the opportunity and showcase your brand further! Together we produce a customized event app based on your needs and your graphic profile. We create your very unique app with your logo, your color codes and the functions you think you need for your particular event. If you wish, we can help you with size management and design.

All events are different – and so are the needs for functions. Below you will find a selection of the functions that can be embedded in your event app.


Distribute drink vouchers or entrance tickets directly in the app.


Let your participants access the program/agenda.

Grouping and table placement,

Smooth grouping and table placement, easy to adjust easily in the event of late departures.

Images and Presentations

Let the participants see images or presentations from the event.


Introduce your partners and let your guests know who made the event possible!


Embed Google Maps to easily ensure that your guests find their way to your event.


Engage your audience with questions, polls and discussions on their phones.


Chat with customers or participants at the event.

Communicate with the participants

Good communication is a must for a successful event. If communication breaks down, the event tends to fall apart. For that reason, we have made it easier for organizers to determine which information should be presented to participants directly in the event app.

What would happen if a change occurs while the event is running? With Trippus event app, you have the opportunity to update information that reaches the participants directly in their mobile phones using SMS sending. In the event app, there is also the possibility to chat with participants and potential customers.

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Professional experience with the event app

For organizers, it is important that everything flows as it should. Every little miss can give a bad impression which damages your reputation. With an event app, each participant receives a personal schedule directly in the app based on their choice in registration (e.g. whether they should listen to lecturer A or B). With several years of experience, we have refined the event app’s user-friendliness and design, which creates a real professional experience while you can use your color codes and logos.

Smooth ticket handling – directly in the event app

Distribute drink vouchers or entrance tickets directly in the app. Check-in has never been easier! You can add various tickets during the event, which reaches the visitors in real time.

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There are several advantages to using Trippus event app for your next event. With your own event app, you gather all planning and communication for your event in one place, easily accessible for you and your visitors. With Trippus app for events, you and your visitors always have all the information available, and when there are updates to the schedule, everyone finds out about the changes immediately and at the same time. In addition, an event app gives you the opportunity to strengthen your brand by implementing your color codes and logos directly in the app, which gives a professional impression. Checking in and keeping track of the tickets has never been easier, be it the entrance ticket or the dinner voucher.

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