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Many people associate event apps with hours of coding. The result of this is that event apps being put on hold, even though the added value of event apps is tangible. We always strive to meet the market’s demand – and for that very reason we have developed Trippus event app builder!

In this article, we go through how to create an event app for your next event in a few clicks.

What is an event app?

If you are going to organize an event, you have most likely come across the term “event app” – but what exactly is an event app? As the word suggests, it is an app designed for events, whether it be small or large gatherings. An event app is an effective tool that can, through a large range of features, make it easier for organizers to create and carry out events. Participants can get access to the event app, where all useful information about the event is gathered in one place.

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Benefits of an event app

In short, event apps make events smoother. After countless events and several interviews with organizers, we have compiled the three biggest advantages of using the Trippus event app.

  • Everything gathers in one place: Organizers, exhibitors and participants have all their information in their mobile phone, which makes it easier for the event to flow.
  • Tailored for your event: Upload your logo, your color codes and select functions.
  • Smooth ticket management: Distribute drink vouchers or entrance tickets directly in the app.

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Design your event app

The first step is to design and put your own stamp on the event app. Events are a good opportunity to showcase yourself, your brand and what you stand for.


Here you can easily upload your own logotype. For the best resolution, the size 400x120px and a PNG file are recommended so that the logo blends in with the background color.

Event description

Tell us briefly about the event or write a welcome phrase, for example “Warm welcome to the autumn kick-off”. You do not need to provide all the information about the event in the description, as you can write in more detail under the “Information” tab, which comes in the next step.


Choose from one of the preselected color combinations by clicking on the different colors. If you have your own color codes, you can customize the look even more by clicking on the colors under “Customize”.

Start designing

Selection of features

When you have finished designing the event app, it is time to fill the app with useful information about the event you are organizing. We have developed standard functions that you can easily choose to activate and deactivate if you wish.


Under tickets, your participants see their tickets with first and last name and organization. You can also choose to include a drink ticket for the participants, which will be displayed directly in the respective event app.


If the event has an agenda/program, you can write it here. One tip is to specify specific holding times so that the participants can easily read out the most important things during the event.

Find us

Through a Google Maps integration, you specify the exact location of the event, which makes it easier for the participants and gives them directions to the event.


Here you gather useful information about the event, such as the start time and the theme of the event.

About us

Here you can share more of your story, vision and what you want to achieve with the event.


Here you can enter your contact details as well as links to your social channels (supports Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram).

Share your event app

When your event app is ready, you can share it with colleagues and friends. You can choose to email the event app, copy a personal code and send, or scan a QR code. Building an event app has never been easier!

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