Case Study: Keller Williams, Mega Camp 2019

From August 13-15, 2019 three Trippus team members packed their bags and traded their fermented herring for BBQ & breakfast tacos, traveling from Sweden to Austin, TX to support Mega Camp, Keller Williams’ second largest event.

“Mega Camp gathers over 9,000 real estate professionals from all over the U.S. and about 30 other countries”, Ashley Harmon, an event planner on the Keller Williams Event’s Team, tells us when we have a chance to catch up after the massive rush of check-in’s had ended.

Keller Williams has focused growth and company vision on cutting-edge technology, and the Trippus team worked hand in hand with them to ensure Mega Camp embodied an event for a true technology company. Trippus worked alongside key integration partners, Fielddrive and Zenus, to provide on-site badge printing utilizing facial recognition check-in, one of the event industry’s hot trends.

Ashley continues: “Mega Camp is unique in the way that we have multiple participant categories, tons of different activities that the participants can choose from, we use payment plans for those who want to split their payments over several months, and all participants carry very advanced name badges showing which sessions they’re attending and which groups they belong to”.

Keller Williams is Trippus’ largest US client, with over a hundred events totaling over 100,000 registrations annually. They use the Trippus system extensively and we have developed key feature needs for them to solve complex problems they’ve experienced in the past.

“With other event registration companies, we have sometimes had to wait days or even weeks to get answers to our issues. With Trippus I know that I will have an answer in a few hours, it will be exactly what I asked for, a customized solution to my need! For Mega Camp there were so many things we needed, and the Trippus team really delivered and helped us to execute this incredible event!”, Ashley concludes.

It has been an incredible 10 months working and growing alongside the Keller Williams team, and we are thrilled to have just launched their largest annual conference, Family Reunion, expecting thousands more attendees than Mega Camp!