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The World’s fastest event check-in: Face Recognition

WOW your event participants – check them in to your event with Face Recognition.

Together with the event tech company Fielddrive Trippus can offer a world-class event check-in solution. A unique experience that automatically checks in your participants and prints their name badges by scanning their faces as they arrive.

We see this as a great add-on service to our badge printing solution, Trippus Print on Demand, that was launched in April and that has been a great success, says Trippus CEO Mats Nyberg. Fielddrive Face Recognition provides a great participant experience, which is exactly what we want to offer to our clients, Nyberg concludes.

How does it work?

When participants sign up for an event in Trippus they are requested to upload their headshot or to use a profile picture from a social network. When checking-in to the event a new photo is taken which is compared with the uploaded one by the face recognition software. The participant is checked in automatically and a badge is printed. All in less than 20 seconds.

Everything needed for Fielddrive Face Recognition is packaged in a small check-in kiosk. No training or extra equipment needed – it’s plug and play!

Face Recognition is intuitive and easy to use. Maximize your next event! Try Face Recognition!

GDPR compliant

Like all data in Trippus this is managed in a GDPR compliant way. The photos are deleted as soon as they are analyzed by the face recognition software, and only the co-ordinates are saved. After the event all personal data is deleted.

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