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From 25 to 40 colleagues in six months!

When we started off the autumn season after the hot summer of 2018 the Trippus team consisted of 25 staff totally. We gathered for an autumn conference in Tallinn, Estonia, where we set our targets and goals for the future of the company Everybody was very excited!

What nobody knew then was that we would gather for a conference again about six months later, this time in Prague, Czech Republic, and that we then would have 15 new colleagues on board and be totally 40 people around the conference tables. The Trippus team had grown 60 percent in this short period of time but kept the culture and eagerness to keep developing Trippus together.

All Trippus teams have grown

All our teams have grown to be able to meet the expectations of our growing client base. The customer service team must be available for all clients, the development team needs to keep the product up to date and efficient, the sales team has a lot more existing relationships and incoming leads to stay on top of – the list is long!

Trippus has a great company culture and our staff comes from different backgrounds with different experiences that serve us well when we manage our daily tasks and challenges.

International growth

Trippus is growing rapidly at the moment and the turnover increased from 67 MSEK 2017 to 118 MSEK 2018. We have recently opened up in the USA and Germany where we have four employees. In addition to this we have several partnerships with companies in Europe and the USA. Our home market Sweden where we’ve been active for almost 20 years is still our largest, but in a not too distant future we think that this will have changed. Sweden will continue being an important market for us, but in a couple of years the turnover from other markets will be higher. We look forward to working with clients from other parts of the world and extending our great team.

This year I celebrate 10 years at Trippus – a company that is something completely different today compared to what it was when I started. We have delivered an extreme growth where the turnover is 20 times higher today than it was 10 years ago. We have developed the product, partnerships and of course our own organization to be able to keep up this pace without loosing our great company culture. I’m proud and thankful to have been a part of this journey. A key factor in our success is the fact that we’ve been able to keep our great staff for a relatively long time. This is an important reason why I like working here so much.

Per Thorsélius, COO

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