Curate meaningful interaction with your participants – especially the ones sitting at home

Everybody who works in the event industry knows how vital it is to maintain strong engagement levels with their participants. High ratings and positive feedback often follow when event organizers are able to successfully involve participants throughout a meeting! There are plenty of good activities to use in a physical meeting in order to promote engagement, but what if the participants are participating virtually and calling in through a conference platform?

As events start to pivot from physical to virtual, we want to provide you with a list of examples that could come in handy during this new era of meetings. In our experience, the most valuable trend at this time is focusing on interaction in all forms.

  • Polls and Surveys
  • Voting and Rating
  • Gather Audience Opinions
  • Education (Gamification)
  • Allow Participants to Ask Questions
  • Collect Ideas from the Participants
  • Create a Quiz and Show Leaderboards

The Trippus Team has extensive experience working on large events with organizers who not only need a smooth onboarding and registration process, but also request our expertise in getting their participants active and engaged throughout the whole on-site event experience! We utilize our Trippus On-Site Interaction module to make their dreams come true! For additional details, check out our Free Guide here.

We would also like to inspire you with highlights from a survey that the Leadership Training Company Vitalsmarts recently conducted, which was covered in HBR (Harvard Business Review) on March 9, 2020. Here are their 5 great tips on how to get people to actively participate, especially if they are calling in to or virtually participating in a meeting.

1. The 60-second rule.

Initially, spend 60 seconds to get your participants to experience the problem that should be solved. Get everyone emotionally on-board before searching for viable solutions together.

2. The responsibility rule.

Avoid letting your participants feel as if they can act as an observer. Instead, curate a feeling of shared meaningful responsibility.

3. The nowhere to hide rule.

Do not let the digital presence allow people to *zoom* [zone] out and do other things during your meeting. Continuously asking questions is a great way to create an active presence. Give your participants tasks requiring active engagement, utilize smaller group chats or short break-out sessions, and give opportunities for presenting of their collaborations.

4. The MVP rule.

Specifically during a virtual meeting, it is easy to flood your participants with too large of an amount of information. Avoid endless amounts of bullet points, deluges of data, and too many slides. Condense and simplify. It’s better to have your one main point be solidly understood and to gather buy-in than to attempt all you could accomplish in a face-to-face meeting and overwhelm your participants.

5. The 5-minute rule.

Do not let any one segment take longer than 5 minutes without giving the group another problem to solve.

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