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Consiglio di Amministrazione

Erik Danielsson

Erik Danielsson is the Chairman and co-founder of Trippus Event Solutions. He was CEO of Pharmacia AB (1984-1990), Scandinavia’s largest pharmaceutical company.

Erik also founded several well-known companies such as Scandinavian Biogas (leading biogas technology provider), Pricer AB (world leaders in electronic shelf labels), Motion Display (electronic point-of-purchase advertisement) and ProTracer AB (world leader in flight tracking).

Bengt Pende

Bengt Pende has a degree of Master of Science in Business and Economics and many years experience as CEO and CFO of trade, finance and property companies.

For the past ten years Bengt has run his own business and been active as board member and advisor in a number of companies, including several smaller innovation companies and startups.

Elected in 2001.

Peter Hellman

Peter Hellman has 40 years of experience in the Meeting and Travel Industry.

Peter is a Travel an Tourist analyst and has been working with E-commerce, sustainability, payment and mobile solutions in Sweden and internationally. He has also been Business Development Manager for Amex / Nyman & Schultz Sweden and engaged in MPI Europe and ICCA Norden.

Elected in 2001.

Pelle Hjortblad

Pelle Hjortblad has more than 20 years of experience in the IT and telecom business with focus on sales, marketing, internationalization and organization leadership.

Pelle has been Marketing Manager at Tele2, CEO of Song Networks Svenska AB, Paynova AB and Projectplace International AB. Pelle has also been engaged by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket) and ALMI Corporate Partners as business development coach.

Elected in 2017.

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