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Trippus signs contract with large U.S. corporation

The world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count Keller Williams signs a three-year agreement with Trippus. Keller Williams has an extensive meetings and events operation and a large number of educational programs are offered to franchisees.

This is our large-scale breakthrough in the U.S. market, says Martin Klöfver, head of new markets at Trippus. Over the last two years, we’ve worked to establish a U.S. presence and the feedback from our first clients in this market has been fantastic.

Our service is really appreciated by U.S.-based event organizers. It’s very exciting to take on a high-end client like Keller Williams, Klöfver concludes.

With more than 1,000 offices and 180,000 associates, there is always something going on at Keller Williams, and all Trippus features will be used extensively for their events. Everything from digital invitations to registration, payment, the web-based event app and reporting features.

At the same time as we’re growing in our home markets of Scandinavia, we have a very clear focus to generate new business in the U.S. and in Germany, says Trippus CEO Mats Nyberg. This is the best possible evidence that we’re on the right track.

In 2019, Fast Company named Keller Williams the No. 1 “Most Innovative Company” in real estate. In 2015, the company began its evolution into a technology company, now building the real estate platform that agents’ buyers and sellers prefer.

Since 1983, Keller Williams has cultivated an agent-centric, technology-driven and education-based culture that rewards agents as stakeholders. The franchise is also No. 1 in units and sales volume in the United States.

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