Case Study: Solferino 2019

From June 17 to June 23 2019, the traditional appointment at the place which inspired Henry Dunant the idea of Red Cross.

In cooperation with the Italian Red Cross and its National Office, Trippus was appointed to create and to manage the Online Registration processes along with the Welcome Desk for thousands of participating Volunteers:

  • Event Page and Registration in English, French and Spanish for the Youth Representatives from more than 130 International Delegations Youth On The Move – International Youth Meeting 2019
  • Online Registration and Authorization for STAFF Volunteers from each of the 28 Regional Committees of the Italian Red Cross organization
  • Online Registration and integrated Payment Solution for thousands of Participants from more than 600 Territorial Committees of the Italian Red Cross
  • Online Registration and integrated Payment Solutions for the International Participants travelling to Solferino from 5 Continents, both individuals and large groups
  • Bookings and Payments on Trippus Payment Service Provider solution for more than 7000 Torches, 5500+ Tent Beds (Staff and Participants) and 15000+ Meals
  • Mobile Tickets on custom design #Solferino2019 for onsite accreditation and Print-On-Demand services, Event App and SMS Communication in English, Italian, French and Spanish to download E-Tickets.

Moreover the Trippus Staff has guaranteed on-site support, in cooperation with the Welcome Desk Representatives, for the entire week-long event of #Solferino2019 from 17th to 23rd June, hence becoming the primary point of contact for thousands of Participants.

In partnership with Piacenza Printing Service and Delta Infor that provided respectively the Badges (in 6 exclusive design layouts) and Print-On-Demand on custom hardware (Laptops, Scanners and Printers), with 8 fully equipped workstations.

An unprecedented success for the Trippus Team that we hope to renew for #Solferino2020 !

Volunteers Registered Online

Torches Booked Online

Tent Beds Booked Online

Meals Booked Online


IFRC 100 Year Anniversary

Founded in 1919 on the initiative of the American Red Cross and the Allied Powers of World War I, the IFRC is headed by the Italian Red Cross National President, Francesco Rocca, the first Italian ever to lead it, and has as its humanitarian mission to independently support people in order to protect their dignity.

Today, it is made of 191 National Societies and its strength is the immense worldwide network of volunteers: about 14 million people supporting 160 million people in need each year. During emergencies caused by natural disasters, the National Societies and the IFRC are the first to intervene.

At Solferino 2019, there will be also a gathering of the youth of the International Movement: from 17 to 23 June, with 4th International Youth Meeting will take place, a significant opportunity to strengthen the already strong ties between National Societies and listen to the voices of the Red Cross and Red Crescent of tomorrow. This is above all a celebration for the thousands of young people involved in a concrete and daily humanitarian action in their own Countries.



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