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Top Three Trippus Tips: 1-to-1 Meetings Edition 

Trippus is the leading event management platform in Northern Europe, currently expanding into new markets in the rest of Europe, the US, and other continents. We have been in the meetings industry almost 20 years and we’re thrilled to work with some of the best and most innovative event organizers around the globe! 

Living and breathing the events industry for two decades has made it impossible to ignore evolutions in the conference and trade show industry. It’s becoming highly apparent that attendees today have less time than they used to, and they want to take the shortest route to what is relevant to them. A decade ago, they spent three full days walking around a trade show floor – today they want to have as much as possible pre-booked and spend one full day (or less!) at the show. As planners this can be an exciting opportunity to save money by shortening the event, but creates its own set of challenges to ensure the value remains.  

The desire to meet relevant people and make meaningful connections in person has increased – attendees just have significantly less time and more distractions as roadblocks.  

As an event organizer, it’s easy to get carried away with the plethora of opportunities that technology offers when it comes to matching buyers/sellers, visitors/exhibitors, etc. Event attendees today are absolutely leaning in to embrace event technology more year over year, but this can lead to overstimulation and shorter attention spans.  

We’ve spent years trialing-and-erroring using technology for attendee matching and have our Top 3 Tips for 1-to-1 Meetings here for you! 

  • Dedicated space in the agenda
    Have dedicated space in the agenda for 1-to-1 meetings where no other sessions are taking place. This will intentionally shift the mindset of the group and pull indecisive stragglers to the exhibit area (“if everyone’s going there, I should too”). Also, don’t put this time slot at 7am and definitely, definitely have publicized COFFEE! 

  • Opt-out instead of Opt-in
    Opt-Out instead of Opting-In. It’s difficult to get a request-based system to work in practice. When a buyer requests a meeting with a seller that in turn needs to accept the appointment for it to be confirmed, you will end up with a lot of pending appointment requests and schedule mayhem. Instead, let meeting requests automatically get confirmed and give sellers the opportunity to actively cancel. Anything that makes an attendee’s life easier makes everyone win in the end!

  • Easy overview for buyers of available slots
    A system where buyers can see behind the curtain and look at all available meeting slots for each seller is much easier to get to work. When the meeting requests come from the buyer side it’s also much more likely that both parties are interested.  


Three events using Trippus for managing 1-to-1 meetings: 


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