Trippus in co-operation with UCLA

As one of few Swedish companies Trippus has been accepted to participate in a co-operation with the Anderson School of Management at the University of California (UCLA) in Los Angeles. MBA student teams do research on 40 international companies in a growth phase from all over the world. The Trippus MBA team consists of six very senior professionals with between 7 and 15 years of working experience from finance, management consulting, event management and business development. The group will research Trippus, our clients and our business to identify strengths and challenges and propose measures that can strengthen the company and what we offer our clients.

Trippus and UCLA

The co-operation was initiated in mid-July when Trippus visited UCLA in Los Angeles, and in August parts of the MBA team has visited Sweden to meet Trippus staff. This autumn the team will conduct 150 interviews with clients, potential clients, partners and industry experts from several countries. In addition to the mix of competencies represented in the MBA team they are also coached by advisors and professors at the UCLA with backgrounds both from research and top management positions from multinational corporations.

This is a fantastic opportunity for us. We now have access to six experienced professionals that will do 2000 hours of research for us. This is something you hardly dare to dream about when managing a small company. We will get a much clearer picture of the total market and our market position, how to plan our product and organisation development to be successful in the future.

Martin Klöfver, CEO Trippus

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