Case Study: Red Cross Virtual General Assembly

In cooperation with the President’s Office and the National Committee of the Italian Red Cross, following our previous partnerships in 2019 at #Solferino2019 and #Jump2019, Trippus complete solution is selected to manage – for the first time in the history of the Italian Red Cross – the Virtual National Assembly with strong authentication to the online voting system.

In little over a week, Trippus delivered the entire project to launch online registration, streaming service and authentication to the online voting system for 500+ eligible participants in representation of all National Committees.

Vendor Accreditation


Trippus is an accredited Preferred Vendor Supplier of the Italian Red Cross National Society.


CRM Integration with Trippus API


Trippus offers an API solution which lets you post in booking source data. The API will response with a registration URL which can be used to redirect your participant to Trippus registration.


Participants Category


With Trippus you easily set up multiple participant categories, to manage pre-filled registration forms connected with the integrated CRM platform (e.g. Authenticated Users eligible for the online voting system vs. those eligible to the streaming conference only).


Registration and Confirmation


Personal link to a pre-filled registration form with locked fields thus to guarantee a secure, simplified and efficient registration process.


Personal Zoom link to the Virtual Assembly


Trippus can be used with all technical platforms, however, due to popular demand we have chosen to integrate with Zoom’s Enterprise+ meeting solution to offer a safe solution with encrypted broadcasts and a personal zoom link to registered participants only.


Attendance Registration and setting up Electoral roll


Voting by hand raising, which we often see at physical meetings, does not work remotely. Instead, we need to use digital tools to enable each qualifying participant to cast their votes when needed. Through the Trippus voting tool, approved participants can cast their votes digitally.


Entering the Virtual Venue


Trippus qualified project team takes care of it all from setting up the Zoom Meeting room, the participants settings (e.g. muted, webcam off, raise a hand, service chat and screen sharing by default), the lineup of the day with presentations and lectures.


Online voting on the Agenda


As the President presents the items on the agenda, ask participants to cast their votes when called for (by sending out a personalized voting link).


Real-time sharing of certified results


When everyone (or enough people, depending on the organization’s statutes) has cast their votes, the result of the vote is displayed live on the screen shared with the participants. Just as during a physical meeting, unexpected decision points can arise! You can quickly add questions and response options into the voting tool and send personal voting links to approved voters. These results can be shown to all participants live as well, making the process seamless.


Authorized participants only can access the pre-filled online registration page to confirm attendance.

Upon registration, Participants are notified with an email confirmation with the relevant instructions on how to enter the virtual assembly and to cast their votes.


Participants are seamlessly granted access to the zoom waiting room before the President formally opens the 4 hours long session, presenting the items of the agenda and calling eligible participants to cast their virtual authenticated votes.


Those eligible for voting are sent a personal link to authenticate access before they cast their votes on the agenda. Trippus collects all certified votes in real-time.

Our priority is to offer support and accessible technology with the best tools that our customers need on a daily basis – more so than ever during a time of great hardship – finding new ways to enpower and to support the event industry.

Many have already done so – ask us for ideas

Christophe Tassi

Trippus Country Manager & Co-founder, Xenia Lab International

Virtual General Assembly with Certified Voting

Oct 31, 2020


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