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Why less is more!


Would you rather: 

  • Have to work in (and pay for!) 11 different siloed software systems to manage your event 
  • Have 1 event registration system that includes 10 bonus (free!) integrated event tech software solutions 

Easy choice, right? 

At Trippus we understand the mayhem of being an event planner and know your time, money, and sanity are the most valuable things! 

  • We built our software with the planner in mind – ready to adapt and change just like you have to with diverse & complex client needs.  
  • We will review your events together, trust what you say your clients need, and come up with the best solutions for your business 
  • We include all of our standard event technology suite at one, flat, cost-effective rate. We don’t want to bankrupt your budgets or have any surprises – we like to think of you as being a part of the Trippus family!  

Want to learn more about our 11 built-in event tech solutions? See below!  

  • Email Invitations 
  • Registration 
  • Mobile App 
  • On-site Check-In 
  • Live Badge Printing 
  • Text Message Sending 
  • Live Polling 
  • Ask the Moderator 
  • Group & Table Seating Management 
  • Exhibitor Portal (Make Meetings & Scan Attendees) 
  • Surveys 

More information available on our features page 


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