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Everything in one place – easy for the arranger and participant



Trippus has a complete system for registrations with or without adherent event website. You can easily create your own websites with desired layout.


The event arrangers can in an easy way create professional invitations for their events. The invitations are sent via e-mail and the receiver accept or decline the invitation with a simple click directly in the e-mail.

Meetings scheduling

Trippus Professional Workshop – your platform for workshops and one to one-meetings!

Here the participants of an event can schedule meetings with each others in a modern and pleasing interface under conditions that the event arranger decides on.

Training course booking

Trippus system for training courses provides an overall solution for all handling of training courses!

With the system you handle everything from registration reminders to sending out diplomas and certificates.

Payment solutions

To give support for good payment options is an important part. That why we have several solutions for both card payment and billing.


Mobile web – a web app

On the mobile web you can put the latest information, welcome messages, the participant’s individual programme, lists of participants, tickets, directions and a lot more.


If you need an attendance control at the event, or if you would like to know who has the right to enter e.g. a certain seminar, then Trippus entry module is perfect for you.

SMS service

With our SMS service you can reach everybody with information via their mobile phones. Plus you can send tickets, maps and instructions to the participants. Faster and easier communication at a lower cost!

SMS interaction and mentometer

The participants of an event can easily answer questions, participate in surveys or contribute with comments or questions directly during ongoing event.

The participants answer questions via their mobile phones by answering with a digit, e.g. 1-10. The answers are shown in real time on a big screen.



Easily create surveys that you can send out via either SMS or e-mail. Return to previous surveys to get started quickly. See reports in real time.


A wide selection of premade reports for all kind of information. Plus the possibility to create your own dynamic report with specific information.



You can give the participants the ability to change their information, housing and choice of activity.

Portal function

For those of you who have a lot of events during the year Trippus has a portal function. It’s perfect if you want to gather your different event websites, make them searchable and have a website functionality that gathers everything in one place!

Waiting lists

Let the participants sign up to be on a waiting list, even if the event is fully booked.


We are available for your questions and wonderings. We work hard for you and you are always welcome to contact us.

Badges, tickets

With just a few keystrokes you can create name tags and tickets with their own design. All the information that you collect can also be put on the name tag.

Recurring events

Base your new event on a previous one to get a quick start. Then you have the option to choose what should be copied and not.

Training course booking

Trippus’ system for training courses provides an overall solution for all handling of training courses! With the system you handle everything from registration reminders to sending out diplomas and certificates.

Being a license customer

We offer our costumers a license on the system. You get your own database where you gather all your event websites. Naturally we help you with templates for layout as well as content. From your own database you can define which reports and statistics you need.

There are two main models for our annual license. With the first model, an annual fee is paid for operation and maintenance of the services you have chosen, and then one fee per participant. The fee per participant can the arrangers themselves include in the participation fee – you put your own price for the customer. With the second model, a higher annual fee is paid instead and a free number of registrations can be done. This model is most common with organizations who use the system for internal use.

Is It also possible to integrate Trippus with the already existing IT systems. E.g. finance systems, accounting systems, customer databases or other booking systems. Talk to us about more information.


    Trippus handles all operation and maintenance of the system.


    Trippus continuously provide training so you can be up to date with the latest.

  • Support

    Trippus has a support department and can act as extended arm


    Everybody gets access to all updates and new developments that are done made in the system.


    All events are gathered in a database – useful statistical data.